How does a Psychic Reading work?

I feel and read the energy and emotions of people through my clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing) and clairvoyant (clear seeing) abilities.  With the help from my spirit guides, your spirit guides, angels or deceased loved ones, I provide much-needed information through these psychic senses. Your spiritual team will focus on the most pressing issue, which is sometimes not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to facilitate healing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Making use of psychometry, I use your photograph to read your energy field and use Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Numerology and Astrology to provide additional information.  This service is available in person or online via E-mail / Whatsapp.


Sometimes we feel a bit lost when life’s answers elude us. We end up feeling stuck, frustrated and not knowing which way to turn. The information relayed during a psychic reading brings hope, clarity, and understanding to your current concerns. Viewing them from a different angle provides you the opportunity to make wiser decisions and take direction in your career, love life, health or spiritual journey. You are not alone – you are loved and guided by your spiritual team – you just need to ask.  This is what you can expect from a session:

  • Receive information from your spirit guides
  • Gain clarity and understanding of pressing concerns
  • Receive tools for wellness and personal empowerment
  • Receive interpretation of your Dreams
  • Understand your life’s purpose
  • Understanding animal encounters
  • Book a Session

Something to Remember

The purpose of a reading is to facilitate personal development and understanding. Any psychic can only provide you with information to guide you. You have free will to make your own decisions. Keep in mind that the information provided is not set in stone because you are able to make a choice which will change/influence the outcome. If the information resonates, take it as a sign that you need to have a closer look at it and at yourself to understand it fully. Any information relating to health is not a diagnosis, nor does it substitute medical treatment – it is merely guidance towards something that requires your attention. Most of all, believe in your light and do not disregard your gut feelings. Emotions are the GPS system of the soul.

Sarina Engelbrecht │ PSYCHIC MEDIUM


Sarina Engelbrecht is a psychic medium known for her compassion and accuracy in discerning the truth when connecting to people, the spirit world and nature.


Her lifelong interests in psychology and spirituality provide a holistic integration when facilitating healing on a physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level. She is passionate about helping seekers of truth and bridging the gap between our physical and spiritual worlds.


Qualification: BA Psychology from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2006) 


“Every dream is unique to the person who dreamt it. It is written in the language of that person’s unconscious and can only be analysed by going into that person’s associations, background, culture, etc. That is why dream symbols cannot be applied randomly and why one cannot tell a person that he / she is going to die beause they dreamt of a wedding” – Cas van Rensburg