Your story as everlasting art

Since childhood, photography has allowed me the art of observation and to fully express what I feel. I use it as a tool to capture the most beautiful, untouchable thing in the world – emotion. I am passionate about documenting Weddings by telling their stories through my art. The love, joy, laughter, and tenderness between family and friends are impossible to reproduce and I, therefore, take great responsibility & delight in positioning myself to freeze these moments in time. 

Looking forward to telling and delivering your story as everlasting art!

Vicky & Shaun

Petrus & Alismi

Rene & Ben Engagement

Ané & Clifford

Lienke & Chris

Autumn Bride Nieu-Bethesda

Jurie & Benita

Cornelle & PW

Sarina Engelbrecht is a wedding photographer based in Nieu-Bethesda. View a collection of her breathtaking wedding photographs taken in the Eastern Cape.


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